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This package allows you to book classes on an a pay as you go basis. Ideal for students with busy schedules or for those looking for refresher lessons to brush up on different areas of english study. For 1 hr. sessions please select Qty of 1. For 2 hr. sessions please select Qty. of 2. 


This package is a great way for you & your friends to build confidence while learning fundamental skills together in our private 1 hr. group lessons. Pricing below is the individual member rate with a pre-applied 10% discount.


For the student who is aiming for excellence! This package includes 3 classes per week that help students create a solid foundation and build the necessary skills for learning the English language. This package is also beneficial for students who plan on taking IELTS or other test equivalencies. This package is sold by a weekly basis. For 1 week. please select Qty 1. For two weeks, select Qty. 2 and so on. 

New Beginnings Package

Prepping for an upcoming test? No worries! This pack of 8 lessons is a great way to optimize your skill level for test purposes. This package includes a pre-applied 10% discount.


This package is full of advantages. With 16 jam-packed lessons and a limited time sign up offer, you get both savings and skill advancements! This package includes a 10 % pre-applied discounted rate.

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