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Peter H.B Wang

Co Founder & Managing Partner, RCIC #R531285

Peter is a highly motivated Canadian Immigration Professional and certified member of RCIC. Peter began his path of working in Immigration in 2014 and gained experience in a variety of case types and applications including: Student Work-related Visas, Skilled Immigration on Federal and Provincial Levels as well as Immigration based on Entrepreneurship. Throughout his career, Peter has also worked with a diverse array of demographic groups. He is also well seasoned in rules and procedures regarding different administrative bodies as well as processing supporting documents for cases from different countries around the world.

Peter has completed University of Toronto's well recognized TEFL program (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and has honed his abilities and talents by actively participating in the areas of Research & Linguistics, Translation and Second Language Acquisition. Being multilingual , Peter has also been actively involved in Classroom Leadership since 2011.

With a medley of Foreign Affairs endeavours in both Immigration and Education, Peter's unique abilities provide a motivating experience to all of his clients.

Liya Hart

Co Founder & Managing Partner

Liya has a unique background in Canadian Law, English Literature and Foreign Language Skills. This has allowed Liya to bring a diversified skill set and high degree of professionalism to both Immigration Case Management and ESL Teaching. She has experience in a wide range of Legal Sectors such as Real Estate, Corporate Law and International Travel. She has an aptitude for Transcription Writing, Case Management and Customer Communications.

Liya is also a skilled Teacher for English as a Second Language. She enjoys teaching the core concepts of the English Language with a practical & theoretical approach to students of all ages. Liya has worked with children, youth & adults as well as students with multiple exceptionalities. As a Native English Speaker, she helps students develop phonetic skills required to speak with fluency and effectiveness.

With a dedicated mindset and attention to detail, Liya has worked competently towards educating students for various standardized tests including IELTS (International English Language Testing System), CELPIP and CAEL.

Liya is also experienced in the realms of Public Speaking and has been featured in multiple small theatre productions. These unique and diverse skills make her a great asset in all of her work endeavours. 

Translation & Editing 

Proofreading Team 

We are happy to be able to assist clients with Translation & Proofreading! If you have any inquiries for these services, please don't hesitate to ask us and we can direct your cases accordingly to a skilled & experienced Team Member.

International Accounts 

 Lily C. (International Sales Manager)

Lily is a great asset to the Smart Start Team as she is truly gifted at understanding the needs of all our International Clients. She is passionate, caring and handles the needs of each account exclusively with the utmost care. Special thanks to Lily for all your hard work & dedication! 

 Post Secondary Applications 

APB Team

Smart Start Works with a Team of Post Secondary Education Representatives to provide the best possible options for International Studies. This Team is certified to provide information on Applications for 100 + recognized Institutions in Canada & USA.

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